Today I love: Bow Hairsytle :)

Since I watched Lady Gaga with the bow in her hair I was like: "OMG, I love it!" but I had really short hair so I could never tried it. But now I have longer hair and I've decided to give it a chance.

Actually, I've done it more than once but just for fun and staying at home. I don't know how people react if they saw me with this hairstyle. LOL. I don't really care, but it's the kind of stuff you have to deal with when you live in small towns ;(

So if you wanna try it, you can check for example this video from Cute Girls Hairstyles. In youtube you will find like hundreds of tutorials to do it.

And if you want your hair to look more natural you can try this version from A Beautiful Mess (they have a pictured tutorial).