I feel like dancin'

Today is my last day working this year. Thanks God I have free tomorrow!
And as I'm going to enjoy New Year's Eve (I hope) I feel like dancing ;)
By the way, I'm looking for a ticket for the 3rd February All Time Low concert in London (standing) so if you know someone who is re-selling it please contact me!
I love this next song and has the same thematic as the previous one so here you have. Enjoy!
Happt New Year everybody!


DIY: Braid your hair!

 Since the friend who normally makes my hair is not gonna be there in New Year's Eve, I've had no choice but look for some ideas. As I'm really bad with this girl stuff I have to go for something easy. And because of I like braids I've found two hairstyles that I love and maybe I could get away with them.


DIY: Peter Pan Collar

Another thing that has me obsessed is the Peter Pan Collar, but actually I don't know if I  would wear it...
Anyway, I've found a DIY tutorial in case you are interested.

DIY: Leather Bow Bracelet

 I've been always really obsessed with bows and I was so happy when I found this tutorial about how to do a leather bow cuff bracelet. Actually I haven't tried it yet but I hope I will do it soon.