My 2011 ;)

This days I've been thinking about my 2011 and I just can say that it has been completely unforgettable. Rome, London, Milan, Vilnius, Paris...I can't believe it.
I've tried to select my favourite photos of the entire year and it has been really difficult, almost imposible!
If you wanna know what I've been doing just keep reading! 

16-17-18th of January we have the local party in my village, Canals. In the first photo you can see the bonfire they made for the occasion, whick owns a Guiness Record for the biggest one in the world ;)
In the second photo there is me with my friends, one of them dressed with the tipycal dress.

First trip of the year: ROME
I went with my sister and it was a gift my parents gave me because of I finished my studies at the university.

Carnival time. I love costumes!
2011 has been a year of concerts. First photo my autographed CD of "No Somos Nadie", a band fromValencia.
Next photo: MTV WINTER, where I fulfilled my dream of attending a concert of My Chemical Romance & Sum41
Second trip: LONDON. It was my second time there. I went with my friend Claudia, who invited me to stay for a week at her aunt´s house.

And more concerts. This time: Maldita Nerea (a spanish band). I'm with Jorge, the singer :)
And one of the best experiences in my life: meeting McFLY. We were waiting like 7 hours at the airport but it was totally worth it! I got a photo with Mr Harry Judd (drummer). Actually we also took pictures with David, the camera. LOL
And next day, the concert. My second one. Amazing. I come back home with a plectrum from Tom.
I can confirm that those days I was one of the luckiest girl in the world!
This is my first and only tattoo. I got it in March, for my 22nd Birthday. It is a spell from Harry Potter.

A Patronus is a kind of positive force, and for the wizard who can conjure one, it works something like a shield, with the Dementor feeding on it, rather than him. In order for it to work, you need to think of a memory. Not just any memory, a veryhappy memory, a very powerful memory… Allow it to fill you up… lose yourself in it… then speak the incantation “Expecto Patronum”.”—Remus Lupin
A quiet summer. Reading, sunbathing and working.
And of course more concerts.
In the picture with members of No Way Out, Puk2 and Daylight (and a friend).

Third and fourth abroad destination. First, I went to Vilnius (LITHUANIA) to visit Kristina and Andrius. And on the way back I stopover in Milan (ITALY), where I met Enrico and Luca.
All these, are people I met when I did my Erasmus in Ostrava (Czech Republic).
In the picture below I'm dressed up as Bulma, from Dragon Ball. That was in Xàtiva.
I like how blue hair fits on me, haha
Terra Mitica, amusement park in Benidorm.
And more local party. This time for meeting my friends, drinking and having fun.
More costumes: Ninja Turtles.
Last, but not least, destination of the year: PARIS.
Family trip. City of love and Disneyland.
CHESTE: last race of the moto GP. It was rainny but we had a good time. I had to admit I almost panic when I was with my friend on the motorbike... I had hematomas for two weeks because of the force I was doing! LOL
Random picture eating crepes in a medieval market.
Last month I decided to dye my hair more red, so I could look like a mermaid. Just kidding :)
Don't ask about the picture above. Alcohol effects!
This is what I wore for my company dinner and for New Year's Eve. Sexy!

And I finished the year really happy, cause I finally bought myself a reflex camera!
So happy!
And it seems 2012 it's gonna be even better. We'll see!

(I'm not English, so I'm sorry if there are any spelling mistakes)