SIMPLE PLAN: Touring, singles and websites

Last Wednesday Simple Plan made un update in their official website.
This is what they said:

Things are moving along nicely in the world of Simple Plan. The band was in NYC this week to stop by Atlantic Records to play some new music for everyone and let me just tell you, holy crap are you going to be AMAZED! “This Song Saved My Life” is definitely a favorite.. along with 11 others. The guys also sat down to discuss touring, the first single, a release date and a brand spankin’ new website. Plenty more planning to be done, but all will be revealed shortly, I promise!
Speaking of a new website… what are your favorite sites? We want to make something new that you’ll love and want to hang around on so speak up! We love to hear from you.
More coming soon, stay tuned.
- - - -
En resumen: el nuevo disco tendrá 12 canciones y "This song saved my life" es la favorita del que publicó el post (que no se exactamente quién fue); que ya están empezando a discutir cual será el primer single o el tour y que quieren renovar la web así que si tenéis alguna idea ya sabéis.

¡Que ganas de que escuchar el disco entero!