One Direction: The X-Factor Tour

Hey guys :) been a busy few weeks. Me and the boys have been working hard rehearsing for the XF tour there will be a few surprises for you! Cant wait to come and see all of you!. Really looking forward to Sheffield as its so close to home! Have you got your tickets?? If not hurryyyyy Lots of love Louis :) x
P.S .. And remember if you have 12 carrots and give two away you will only have 10 ..

I hope they were recording new music or stuff like that but it seems they're busy with the tour.
If you click HERE you can watch the dates in case you're interested.
I'm afraid I'm not one one of the lucky people who can go to the live tour ;(

The other day I was thinking: What about One Direction? What are they doing now? And today I've had the answer. This is what Louis has post on facebook: