You suck at love!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all we’re gonna hear about is LOVE and how fantastic it is. That’s great and if you have someone amazing to share this occasion with, we’re really happy for you and wish you all the best this Monday!
But for all the fans who are bummed to be single, just got dumped or got cheated on and are going through a tough time this Valentine’s Day, we decided that we had to do our share to help you get your groove back a little. We created e-cards that will help you get a little revenge on that ex that messed you up! So pick the one you like at simpleplan.com and send it to that evil ex-gf or bf, wear the shirt and let the world know what you think about them, send a link to a friend who just got their heart broken and cheer them up or just enjoy knowing that you’re not the only one that thinks that some people can really “suck at love” sometimes!
And maybe more importantly, enjoy the 1st official snippet of music from SP’s new album! That’s right, after more than a year of writing, recording and mixing, this is your 1st chance to hear a bit of the new record. Head over to simpleplan.com now to hear a piece of “You Suck at Love”. I know it’s a little short but don’t worry, we’ve got tons of updates to come so keep checking www.simpleplan.com as well as www.officialspcrew.com for all the news on the new music: album title, release date, 1st single, tour dates….IT’S ALL COMING SOON!
Thanks for your patience!
-Simple Plan-

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