DIY: Braid your hair!

 Since the friend who normally makes my hair is not gonna be there in New Year's Eve, I've had no choice but look for some ideas. As I'm really bad with this girl stuff I have to go for something easy. And because of I like braids I've found two hairstyles that I love and maybe I could get away with them.

The first one, and easier from my point of view, is the Waterfall Braid. It looks so nice and it's not that hard to make so,let's give it a shot.

You will find a tutorial on the Lilith Moon Youtube Channel.

The second one is the Braided Crown. I love it but I've trying it and it's quite difficult to make it on your own. I hope my mom can help me with this one because it would be perfect :)

For the tutorial go to the Cute Girls Hairstyles Youtube Channel or to the website.